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Coaching and Training
Our Favorites
Dream with Us

We enjoy:
  • Creating promotional videos that we publish on YouTube.
  • Creating promotional networks by cities
  • Creating promotional networks by category (likeTheHealthyLivingNetwork.com or TheBedNBreakfastNetwork.com)
  • Creating "Biography Channel" style DVDs of people, families and organizations.networks
We have:
  • Consulted with The New York Times on their magazine covers
  • Created videos for Wells Fargo and Rebuilding Together
Promoting Our Favorite People,
Products, Services and Locations

Zay Live!
Steven Zay and film crew visit the most wonderful places, chat with most interesting and inspirational people, and sample beverages and foods.
We invite you to a Zay Live! filming party:
  • As a guest (to sample food, wine, and pleasant company)
  • As a performer (like Brother Bryan singing "Everything Changes")
  • As a sponsor (promoting your favorite products and services)

Living Dream Movies
We make movies of your favorite dreams, including:
  • Inspirational meditations
  • Dream goals and hopes
  • Favorite memories
  • Fantasies