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I provide consulting in:

I consulted with The New York Times on its magazine covers.  I consulted with Apple Computer on its positioning of PowerBooks.  I worked with a number of major pharmaceutical companies on print ads.
Information Systems
I consulted with Wells Fargo on its HR information systems.  I created database and other reporting systems for Wells Fargo for eight years.  I created databases for Pioneer Hybrid and for the President of the Iowa Senate.
I created and implemented The Wellness Challenge (a corporate wellness program) with American Media and National Travelers Life.
I worked as a wellness consultant for seven years with Mercy Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa.  I created and led fitness events, developed training programs and wellness assessment software.
Staff Development
I created staff morale programs and taught diversity for Wells Fargo.
I created and presented a creativity program for executives of Principal Financial.

Let's explore your consulting dreams.