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Zay Live!
Zay Live! is a party where we sample our favorite foods and beverages, network, and promote our favorite venues, food, wine and music.
We have professional lighting, sound, green-screen background, and video camera.  We will be filming through the party:
- people talking about their favorite beverages and foods
- musicians and actors performing
- artists showing their works
- business owners promoting products and services
- healers sharing reflexology, massage, reiki...
- guests having fun
If you would like to come to the party, please call and let me know.  We prefer to be aware of all people who would like to attend.  Please call Steven Zay at 515-779-4997 if you would like to attend this live filming party.  It is optional to bring a favorite food, beverage and/or donation cash for coordinators,film-makers, vendors and volunteers.
We would enjoy you sharing your presence, your favorite skills, services and products.  We invite you to be a guest, an actor, a sponsor and/or a helper.  We invite you to come and enjoy living our dreams on film.
If you would like to have us film you, please prepare to share:
- $20 for 10 minutes
- $50 for 30 minutes
- $80 for 60 minutes
Cash is preferable
We often give free samples of up to 5 minutes.
We can arrange to provide you with the video tape, DVD, YouTube link, and/or professional editing.
If you would like to perform and/or promote a favorite product/service, please tell us.  We schedule events and filming, and may have free time even on the day of the event.
I invite you to contact us, and explore your dreams with us at Zay Live!

Zay Live! at the Wine and Food Showcase
The Wine and Food Showcase is a delicious event, with hundreds of wines, beers, and samples of food. 
The event is a fund-raiser sponsored by the Des Moines Metro Opera.  It features local restaurants, caterers, breweries and wineries.  Local and national wine/beer distributors shared many of their favorites. 
It was a wonderful evening.  Thank you for sharing.

On Saturday May 9th, 2009, Zay Live! will be at the home of Kimberly Carpenter-Lowman.  Kimberly is selling her house in the exclusive Waukee community Napa Valley.
From 1 until 5, we welcome invited guests to come and enjoy.  We will be filming the house and the party, promoting much of it on YouTube and Facebook.

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