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Our Favorites

Here are some of our favorite people, places and organizations

Coaching and Training
Dream with Us

The Message Company

The Message Company hosts wonderful conferences on consciousness and healing.
The conferences are usually held in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

HemiSync and Monroe Institute

HemiSync CDs, using low-frequency music to help listeners experience slow brainwave frequencies.  We love getting deep with HemiSync.

Art Bauer

Art Bauer is the founder of American Media Incorporated, the largest soft-skill video training company in the world.
Art is a friend and inspiration.
Some of our favorite artwork and human service.
Artwork and consulting in herbology, iridology, and dream exploraton...

Cool Basil

Cool Basil is a wonderful Thai restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa.  The food, service and ambiance are delightful.

We invite you to visit our favorites.  We are living dreams, and enjoy sharing our favorites with you.